Congratulations 2022 Officer cadre

On December 13th 2021 we elected a new Worshipful Master, Chris Lally, and a new Senior Warden, Steven Wilson.

Chris Lally has served in the Mt Pickering Chair line for the past few years and sat as Senior Warden for the 2021 Masonic year.

Steven Wilson, raised in Mt Pickering in 2010, has returned to his home lodge after work moved him to Oregon in 2014, when he held the chair of Junior Warden. Gracefully the current Junior Warden, Rich Agatone, allowed him to step back into the Masonic River that flows to the East where he left it.

The election was viewed by many past masters of Mt Pickering, the DDGM Tim Pletcher and the DDGM elect Bill Herz.

Lastly, a warm “Thank You” to our outgoing Worshipful Master, Bob Pindle, PM, who stepped up after Matt Munoz, PM, relocated to Florida for work. HUZZAH Bro Pindle!

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