April Message From The West

I am beginning a messaging program I am calling ‘Message From The West’ which will be items of interest, news from the Lodge, or Fraternal greetings from my Chair as Senior Warden.

For my inaugural communication to you outside the Lodge I will reverb the Masonic Monthly Theme: Masonic Education.

April is Masonic Education Month and for those that are not aware I am the 40th Masonic District Education & Mentoring Officer, so it is dually important to me.  Along those lines I am compelled to remind everyone that on Monday Nights, 7:00 pm at the lodge, we have an open invitation to all members for Mentoring and practice.  During that weekly session we have the availability to go over any work, be it a refresher to the workings of the lodge for those that didn’t make the Rusty Trowel meeting, to members that are preparing to certify at School of Instruction.

That’s a great segue to remind the Brethren that the First and Third Wednesday of each month is the 40th Masonic District School of Instruction at SpringFord Lodge.  You can find more information on the district website, www.pa40th.org.

For those that are unaware, there are three award program for furthering your Masonic journey within the lodge named Master Builder, Master Craftsman, and Master Pillar. Information can be found about these on the Grand Lodge Website, https://pagrandlodge.org, but you may simply ask me and I would be happy to tell you all about them. Completion of each program is presented with a plaque signed by the Right Worshipful Grand Master.

This past weekend members of the 40th, along with the District Deputy Bill Herz, attended the Region 1 Mentoring Workshop at Norristown Lodge.  During this workshop we received messaging from the Right Worshipful Grand Master about his initiative to increase Masonic Mentoring, increase Masonic Education, and find ways to measure our progress.  This is a positive message for those that have been away from the lodge for awhile as new programs of revitalization are being rolled out which will be openly advertised, and you may participate in, as much as you wish.

Did you know that there are free, continuing Masonic education resources available to every member? If not, you can learn about Masonic History in Pennsylvania at Masonic Questions & Answers or you can use the Education Portal at Online Education & Mentoring Program. If you wish to know more, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

In alignment with Past Right Worshipful Grand Master Tom Gamon IV initiative, we are working on some programs to bring awareness outside the Lodge in conjunction with the Masonic Awareness Committee, or MAC.  The goal isn’t to make Masonry a household name, as much as it is to fill in the gaps, bring positive light to darkness, and share our message of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Members of this committee are Christopher Foy PM, from Perkiomen No 595, Kenneth Good PM from Phoenix No 75, and William E Harner IV PM form Boyertown No 741.

Lastly, I would like to announce the future launch of a Masonic Podcast, which is expected to launch in the early June time frame, called “Men Wearing Aprons“.  In this podcast, or internet radio show if you will, we will be posting some Masonic talks, interviews with Masons from the 40th District, and other small topics or Masonic relevance.  Look here or on the lodge & district websites for the lunch announcements.

That’s all for today Brethren, and believe me, I have plenty more!
Stay safe, stay healthy and I look forward to seeing you for dinner on April 11th

Steven Wilson
Senior Warden
Mt Pickering Lodge No. 446

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