Upper Uwchlan Day 2020

On Saturday, 18th of June, Mt. Pickering hosted a tent at the Upper Uwchlan Day Block Party.

Great participation from the Brethren, and a few offspring and spouses thereof.

A fairly aggressive selling schedule this year was greatly thwarted by the weather. In addition to the cotton candy, which is the annual staple, we also had planned sales of water and popcorn in the first tent, and candy, water, hand forged knives, cigar box guitars, hand made dog leashes, survival bracelets, obsidian jewelry, hand made pottery, and a spray paint art painting station in the second tent. Unfortunately, with the wind strong enough to blow the tents away, which almost happened a few times, some items were put away so they were no blown away.

As we are taught, we went hand in hand with unamimity and success crowned our efforts. We persevered with cotton candy and water in the first tent and had a record setting year; great job Brothers!

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