July Message from the West


As we celebrate the Independence of our great nation, it is hard not to see the turbulence and divisiveness about our Great Nation.

In these concerning times I encourage us all to embrace our ritual to set the examples we follow.  Let me share a few short examples.

“Masonry accepts men of every country, sect and opinion.” While we may believe in a different Supreme Being than another Brother, or not necessarily agree with a Brothers’ perspective, we still love each other as Brothers. We will continue to treat each other as such, not because writ dictates but because we are better men. It also means that we are welcoming of all men of good moral character regardless of race, religion, class, creed, background, social standing, or pedigree. We are Brothers, regardless of these qualities and will continue to treat each other as such.

Here’s an important and appropriate message we are reminded of often.

“Every human being has a claim upon your kind offices. Do good unto all.” Brethren, we are honored to hold the title of “Mason”. Honored. We are fortunate that there are other good men in our community who will replace us when it’s time for us to lay down our working tools. “Do good unto all.”  doesn’t just mean the people you like, or the people in your neighborhood, or just the Lodge. It doesn’t refer to those who share likeminded views, or those from your generation. All means All – everyone! Regardless of their background, standing in the world, or their position in the Lodge. Don’t only do good for some – do good unto all.

So, as we come together this month to celebrate our Nation’s Independence, I share these closing words with you. Now more than ever, the world, our nation and our Jurisdiction need Freemasonry. They need men of strong moral character. They need men who stand true to their obligations. They need men who are good husbands, fathers, grandfathers and community members.

Brethren, we are Masons both within and without the walls of our Lodge. Please remember to use social media in a positive and informative way. Abide by the laws of your city, state and nation. Wear your Masonic ring with honor and integrity. Always practice Brotherly Love, Hope, and Truth. Wave the flag of our country with pride, be the change you wish to see. Be the Brother you wish to see. Influence the change we know is right.

Brethren, I wish you a safe and happy 4th of July Holiday weekend. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge soon.

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