September Message from the West

My Brothers,

Welcome back from the summer break, I hope everyone had a relaxing respite.

We get back into full swing on September 12th and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing everyone at the Lodge again!

Keep an eye out for my Next September Message where I spend some grey matter on a point in a circle and the significance of September.

It was a good summer, with a few events or notable non-events.

*The table at Upper Uwchlan Day was a great success, with cotton candy sales at 150% of the previous event!
*We had Book Club at the Lodge which reviewed The Alchemist and The Craft and it’s Symbols.
*The road clean in July up was cancelled both due to a lack of member participation and logistics issues.
*The Pig Roast in August was cancelled due to a lack of member participation

Coming up in the near future we have the culmination of the ‘Gun Raffle’ in October, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Of course we have a Lodge favorite in October as well with Barnyard Night. Stay tuned as the committee gets the communications together!
Veterans Night & Past Master night are swiftly to follow which will lead us into December and St. Johns Day.

I hope everyone has seen the invitation to the Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication on December 7th at the Temple in Philadelphia.  If you’ve missed it, check the Trestleboard!  It would be great for the District if we had representation for the Grand Lodge.  If you are in need of transportation, please let me know, as we are working on a transportation pool to keep parking to a minimum at the request of the Temple.

We have an exemplification of the Fellowcraft Degree at the School of Instruction on September 21st.  I would be really great to have representation from out Lodge to fill the sideline seats in support of the Worshipful Master and Officer Line performing the Work.

For those members who are finishing off their Master Builder/Craftsman/Pillar program and have not attended a Lodge of Research or Academy of Masonic Knowledge meeting, there is one coming in October which will provide enough time to be presented the award at the Grand Lodge Communication in December.

Please remember that each award requires a discrete set of achievements.  If you attended a meeting to earn your Master Builder, you must attend AGAIN for each Master Craftsman and Master Pillar award.

Oct 2022 Symposium of the Academy of Masonic Knowledge

The next symposium will occur on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, Freemasons Cultural Center, located at One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

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