March Meeting Giveaways

Brethren, greetings and well wishes to you all!

As described we will be having door prizes, raffles, and giveaways at most, if not all, stated meetings and March is a special one!

This month, due to the nature of the event, we will be giving away TEN PRIZES! That’s right, TEN! One Zero!

Like the meetings, a drawing of all the members present will take place at the end of the meeting and these prizes will be delivered as we wrap the evening up over coffee and desserts. Unlike the previous meetings this months drawings will include all the officers and the members of the District.

The first Brother drawn will have the pick of the prizes, the second Brother will select of the remaining, and the third Brother will select of the then remaining, and so on until all prizes have been claimed.

What are the March gifts, you wonder?

Black & Gold Hat
Camouflage hat
Black & Gold Tie
Blue stripe tie
Grey stripe tie
(2) pocket watches
(2) coins
Car badge


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